Hello my darlings!

I am Cristina Matei, crochet designer with bold ambitions and dreams and a lot of desire to make unique things 

Passion for crochet, for combinations of colors, textures, materials I have from childhood, but now under the advice and family support I found both courage and time needed to develop my passion to fulfill my dream. 

I create from the desire to highlight every woman's personality by breaking patterns, to get out from the crowd. 

Besides creativity, imagination, perseverance, hard work still believe that one of the main ingredients of success in this field is perfection. Perfection that gives me confidence that what I create has a real value, that my products are unique and especially high quality.

My products address to the women who appreciate good taste and quality and want be special. I think women should pay more attention to detail, to put more emphasis on quality materials, on fabrics, sewing and especially colors, not just on the label that you buy. 

Emphasis on color, or rather the pleasure of using pastels, and especially gradients, think that comes from the desire to send positive feelings. If a teenager I wore white or black to grow up our outfit, when we approach the maturity we use colors to rejuvenate and send states that we have in different situations or events. 

I agree that every woman is unique and should express that through outfit! 
I welcome you to my site and I'm at your disposal for more details, for curiosity, and why not, to know each other!